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Experts in 2D and 3D Spatial Analytics

Software Solutions

Spatial BIMine Services

Introducing PrimeThought Software Solutions

Effective mining solutions

Mining Solutions 

PrimeThought Software Solutions has been providing end to end spatial solutions for the mining industry for over a decade. Our mining solutions are advanced enough to bring stellar results in any operation while maintaining the power of simplicity. ​Our array of mining technical systems and software deal with:


  • 3D Spatial Databases​.
  • Surveying Solutions.
  • Sampling​ Solutions.
  • Geological Modelling. 
  • Mine Design.
  • Scheduling.
  • Mine Reporting.

Business Intelligence made easy

Business Intelligence

Take your Business Intelligence to the next level. Utilizing our Spatial BI products you will be able to achieve excellent results in a quarter the time it would normally take. Our solutions are not only cost effective but also user friendly – for the novice & the professional user​.

For Business Analysts this is must. Clients are consistently making better decisions, reducing costs and increasing profitability. Our solutions handle successfully the following areas:


  • Mapping and Theming.
  • Spatial Analytics.
  • ​Geocoding.
  • Demographics data and other datasets.
  • Gap analysis and finding opportunities.
  • Efficient planning, route optimization and territory planning.
  • Reporting in a fraction of the time.


As technology is ever advancing, we are dedicated to provide you with whatever you need to stay ahead of the competition and get better results in a fraction of the time.

We have multiple clients in each of the following industries who are using our solutions daily to achieve the
success they want:












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