• SurveyXL
    Surface and Underground survey system
  • SamplingXL
    Enterprise underground sampling solution
  • RouteXL
    Optimised routing
  • SpatialXL
    Advanced spatial analytics in Microsoft Excel
  • All our Spatial products support dashboards
    Dashboards can be added in all our Spatial products. Add pie and bar charts, scatter plots, pivots and maps
  • GeologXL - Advanced geological mapping
    Advanced 3D geological mapping. Offline capture ability. Custom data definitions
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  • DesignXL
    Advanced open pit and underground mine design
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  • RouteXL - Quantitive vehicle routing
    Dynamically route to thousands of points
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About Us

PrimeThought Software Solutions provide end to end spatial software solutions.

Our spatial engine is specifically designed to work with modern spatial datasets containing millions of records from any source.

Also our spatial engine uniquely supports both 2D and 3D natively, allowing us to perform traditional mapping and 3D mining visualisations using the same component.

Our software runs on servers, inside databases and on client machines including mobile devices.

Find out more about our founder Derek Diamond on his blog: SoftwareVisionary.com