PrimeThought’s Mining Solutions

PrimeThought Software Solutions work with mining companies as well as mining consultancies to delivery software and services across all technical disciplines, whether surveying, sampling, geological modelling, mine design & scheduling, spatial data storage and manipulation or spatial mining reporting.

We believe in developing collaborative engagements with our clients to suit their exact needs, whether it is in providing the software and training needed for the client or whether it is in delivering high end consulting.

Cost Effective Mining Solutions

As new capital projects/plans are becoming more and more scrutinized we are able to deliver powerful yet affordable software solutions to allow mining operations of any size to get the most out of their money.


Stand-alone or Bentley Microstation Integration

We provide surveying packages for underground and surface mining which integrate with Bently Microstation or come as a stand-alone package. Supporting all standard survey operations.


Advanced Sampling Solutions

Our sampling solution is the most advanced underground sampling solution available and is based on our high performance graphics engine.

Completely Customizable Geological Mapping

Our geological mapping solution is completely customizable and allows storing your data in almost any database or data format.


Dynamic Mine Design

Dynamically generate mine designs for open pit and underground scenarios while integrating with all our other mining software solutions.


List of Products