Insurance Business Intelligence

For the Insurance Industry location plays a major role, as a variety of natural or even social risks, such as crime, could affect insurance rates for life and property. It wasn’t until very recently that insurance companies started to understand the benefits of GIS. Location spatial intelligence is relevant due to the fact that insurance claims are 100% location-based.

Insurance GIS brings to the fingertips of insurance underwriters much faster, real-time information to improve decision-making at a quicker pace.

Mapping and Visualisation

Being able to visualise data on a map is more effective than presenting it in static tables. We have the capability to visualise data using dynamic dashboards, map out themed data and analyse results accurately.


Third party geographic datasets

We provide a variety of third party datasets. These datasets cover all kinds of topics such as geographical boundaries, postal code boundaries, demographics, population, land use, new building development and more.


Geocoding and address validation

Locate where your policyholders live and work and know where insured risks are located. Our software also allows for address validation at point of capture.

Financial Modeller

One of PrimeThought’s latest software solutions built from years of development is an end-to-end financial modeller which integrates with other route and spatial products.


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