Healthcare Services

GIS is an incredible asset that has been effectively used to help address various noteworthy medical problems ranging from disease management to improved services. As healthcare experts start to incorporate our software they uniformly make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes, enhance current service programs and locate areas of greatest need. Utilizing PrimeThought’s software, you will be able to visualize vulnerable populations, identify local community resources, enable disease surveillance to prevent and monitor the spread of disease to protect your population.  Use our software to bring better health services to all.

Mapping and Visualisation

Being able to visualise data on a map is more effective than presenting it in static tables. We have the capability to visualise data using dynamic dashboards, map out themed data and analyse results accurately.


Third party geographic datasets

We provide a variety of third party datasets. These datasets cover all kinds of topics such as geographical boundaries, postal code boundaries, demographics, population, land use, new building development and more.


Identify Health Trends

Our products provide a method in which healthcare professionals can systematically address where certain diseases are more likely to or already have become prevalent and begin to proactively implement preventative strategies or staffing healthcare professionals skilled in specific medical specialties.

Financial Modeller

One of PrimeThought’s latest software solutions built from years of development is an end-to-end financial modeller which integrates with other route and spatial products.


List of Products