FMCG and Retail Business Intelligence

FMCG and Retail have a strong location aspect to data such as store locations, client locations, route-to-market strategy, territory planning, route planning, demographics displayed visually on maps and spatial analysis.

Utilizing our Business Intelligence you will be able to fully optimise the way your company operates and expands.

Targeting the Correct Markets

Utilizing our software solutions and datasets we provide you will be able to pinpoint exact target areas to market to.

Optimized Store Locations

Learn which future store locations will be profitable utilizing existing data and based on customer demographics, traffic movement, existing sales and more.

Know Where Customers Live, Work, and Shop

We provide a range of complete and up-to-date datasets which can be utilized to find out what you need to know about your customers.

Route Optimisation

From pickup to delivery we have end-to-end solutions to cover the handling of your routing needs.

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