Education and GIS

PrimeThought offers a powerful decision-making toolkit that can be used in educational administration, educational policy, and in instruction. Our GIS software offers administrators a way to visualize and manage everything from increasing and monitoring campus safety, mapping out campus buildings, and other infrastructure, routing school buses or other transportation plans, planning where and when to close schools and open new ones, and strategizing recruitment efforts. We have software that provides educational policymakers with tools to see patterns in educational achievement and where to target new programs.

Mapping and Visualisation

Being able to visualise data on a map is more effective than presenting it in static tables. We have the capability to visualise data using dynamic dashboards, map out themed data and analyse results accurately.


Third party geographic datasets

We provide a variety of third party datasets. These datasets cover all kinds of topics such as geographical boundaries, postal code boundaries, demographics, population, land use, new building development and more.


Location Optimization

Utilizing our software solutions and datasets we provide, you will be able to pinpoint exact target areas to place new facilities and know with certainty whether to close or open any school or facility.

Geocoding and address validation

Locate accurately where people live and work.


Financial Modeller

One of PrimeThought’s latest software solutions built from years of development is an end-to-end financial modeller which integrates with other route and spatial products.


List of Products