GIS for Civil Engineering

GIS is continuously transforming and expanding the ways engineers serve society. It provides engineers with layers of data on top of geographic maps that can help them and others make well-informed decisions.

PrimeThought recognizes that civil engineering covers a wide range of interests and expertise and therefore offers a powerful GIS and decision-making toolkit that enables engineers to create, capture, manage, analyse and visualize the data associated with whatever the undertaking of the civil engineer is: from developing and managing infrastructure to identifying optimum locations for future developments and making detailed analyses without needing to be present at the location.

Mapping and Visualisation

Being able to visualise data on a map is more effective than presenting it in static tables. We have the capability to visualise data using dynamic dashboards, map out themed data and analyse results accurately.



PrimeThought’s software is interoperable. We support a very wide range of data files and can easily handle the even the largest size of the data file provided to us.


Third Party Geographic Datasets

We provide a variety of third party datasets. These datasets cover all kinds of topics such as geographical boundaries, postal code boundaries, demographics, population, land use, new building development and more.

Financial Modeller

One of PrimeThought’s latest software solutions built from years of development is an end-to-end financial modeller which integrates with other route and spatial products.


List of Products