Covid-19 Update

We are very proud to be one of the companies whose software is being used to assist with health initiatives in African countries. Any assistance to the health sector of government and mapping and distribution of medicine is critical in the light of the current...

Spatial vNext

Coming soon, the second best innovation by Prime Thought. We are going to revolutionise spatial even more......

Dashboards available on all our Spatial products

All our Spatial products now feature a built in dashboard designer. Create your mining dashboards right inside SpatialXL, or SamplingXL! Any number of dashboards can be created. In SpatialXL the dashboards are saved with your workbook. In other packages the dashboards...

External database levels in Microstation!

MineModeller Version 4.0 allows Microstation Levels to store data from an external spatial database. The data in the levels can be synchronised with the database after either database changes have been made or elements have been added, updated or deleted in...

SamplingXL – Underground sampling solution

SamplingXL is the most advanced underground sampling solution available. Based on our high performance graphics engine SamplingXL allows you to view any other spatial data with your sampling data. Both Sql Server and Oracle are supported as database backends....

MineModeller now supports Oracle

MineModeller now supports an Oracle database for storing your peg registry. You can now easily migrate from SQL Server to Oracle or vice versa as needed.

SpatialXL – Map Pivots

Link your Pivot Tables to your Map layers. Map layers will automatically update as your pivot changes. You can pivot and link your spreadsheet data to any map layer you have open in SpatialXL            

SpatialXL – New Auto cluster feature

SpatialXL now supports auto clustering of data. Use this feature to group your point data into spatial contiguous areas with specified limits on some aggregated column. This helps you partition your sales areas, marketing campaigns and logistic supply areas.