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RouteXL now supports advanced dynamic quantitive vehicle routing abilities

First step define your service points. You don't need to specially format your data, just make sure it includes latitude and longitude columns. Just tell RouteXL which column means what and you are set to go. Next define your fleet. This is also user formatted data, just tell RouteXL where to get the capacities, shift times, start and end points. Now you need to build your matrix, wh...
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Dashboards available on all our Spatial products

All our Spatial products now feature a built in dashboard designer. Create your mining dashboards right inside SpatialXL, or SamplingXL! Any number of dashboards can be created. In SpatialXL the dashboards are saved with your workbook. In other packages the dashboards are saved with your data. Dashboards can access all the local spatial data, plus any external source as desired. Dashb...
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External database levels in Microstation!

MineModeller Version 4.0 allows Microstation Levels to store data from an external spatial database. The data in the levels can be synchronised with the database after either database changes have been made or elements have been added, updated or deleted in Microstation. When the level is synchronised, its data with all attributes is stored inside the Microstation design file, allowing it to...
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SamplingXL – Underground sampling solution

SamplingXL is the most advanced underground sampling solution available. Based on our high performance graphics engine SamplingXL allows you to view any other spatial data with your sampling data. Both Sql Server and Oracle are supported as database backends. SamplingXL exports sample sections directly to graphics, and there is a hot link from graphics to your sampling sheets and vice versa....
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RouteXL – Assigning locations to points by shortest drive time

RouteXL now has a feature allowing bulk calculation of routes between points and central locations by shortest drive time. This is a very expensive operation requiring calculations of thousands of routes, but is done efficiently in RouteXL using an algorithm that re-uses already calculated routes In the example we allocated about 6000 points to 12 depots by shortest drive time. This needed ...
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Borehole Desurvey

In SpatialXL or any of our other Spatial products (SurveyXL, GeologXL, EvaluationXL) you can de-survey borehole data on the fly. All one does is specify the borehole collars, the surveys and then the lithography data and assay data. These data sets can come right from an Excel workbook, a SQL Server or Oracle database or any data source supported by our spatial engine. The data is render...
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