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MineModeller 5.1 has been released!!!

MineModeller has undergone an upgrade with many new useful features added, some of these include:

  1. New Annotate Items tool that allows you to get the Area, Length or Volume values plotted on selected elements as well as having the element or annotation coloured according to the value:

2. You can plot pegs and import points on different levels so that the labels can be plotted onto their own levels and the actual geometries on their own level:

3. Comments are now forced on saving Double Setup, Double Button and Single Setup peg calculations:

4. Only admins can plot unapproved pegs.

5. Only admins can edit peg calcs if allowed.

6. In Pillar creation, can choose to have drawn as poly or linestring.

7. Can paste offsets straight into Offsetting dialogue.

8. Offsetting jobs now saved in the Offsetting tab and can be viewed:


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