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“Spatial XL is cost effective compared to the big GIS guys, has great functionality and is nice that it is an Excel add-on. There are many features that stand out for me! The training took much shorter than it would have with other GIS products and I can understand and successfully use Spatial XL.” T.O. KPMG


“The functionality that stands out most for me with MineModeller is the fact that it does check for traverse therefore limiting chances of making an error. The Training was relevant, the instructor is a very good teacher, and he was clear, straight to the point and eloquent. I can now successfully use MineModeller.” K.D Maloma Coillery


“In terms of functionality MineModeller is better than other software of a similar nature because it is user friendly as it doesnt accept errors unless approved by the user knowingly. What stands out for me the most is its reliability and plotting accuracy. The icons are well arranged and easy to find and interact with!” M.D. Overlooked Colliery


“SpatialXL has much better integration between Microsoft Excel and the map, instantly updating your map when filtering or editing data in your Excel spreadsheet. This makes life so much easier and saves time and increases production. The functionality that stands out most for me is the easy integration between excel and map outputs, it is quick and easy to update data and maps. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. I LOVE SpatialXL” J.B Frontline


“The functionality that stands out the most for me with SpatialXL is the fact that I am able to show routes/maps to the districts that shows where the routes are and where the borders are between the provinces. Also Spatial XL helps identifying outlets in areas for projects.” E.R. CCBA


“This tool is powerful and provides meaningful solutions to my everyday work. The functionality that stands out the most for me is the flexibility in integration of Excel and Data manipulation. I Love this tool as it makes my job easy and easy to communicate complex solutions in a very visual and easy to understand way.” H.M Illovo


“We were previously using Mapinfo and ArcPro. The functionality that stands out most for me with SpatialXL is the seamless Excel data integration and the flexibility concerning other data and spatial formats. That is a big plus. The training provided went well and the instructor was easy to understand and very patient.” S.W Galaxy Retail


“The functionality that stands out the most for me in Spatial XL is the ability to understand potential white spaces in distribution on the map. The user interface is very friendly and there was no feature or tool that gave me trouble or didnt do what it was supposed to, also because the customer support team is always ready to assist!” R.C. AbInBev


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