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What to expect from us in 2022?

In 2022 you can expect BIG things both in expanding our team and also our products and services!

All our products, including SpatialXL, now include fully dynamic expressions for all thematic items. Multiline labels and label expressions are now supported! Labels can now change depending on zoom level or feature data.

Soon we will release SpatialStudio, our desktop spatial engine with add-ins for our Routing, Mine Survey, Geological Modelling, Evaluation products.

SpatialStudio and SpatialXL are now side-by-side products, one hosted in Excel for Excel users and the other being our flagship spatial desktop engine.

SpatialStudio and SpatialXL now support intelligent script editing with IntelliSense and code completion making scripting work in these products a breeze. What does this mean? Well now, for example, if you want labels, you can specify an expression as the suburb name joined to the province name, and you can specify that depending on zoom level! You could also add the total cost to the label.

GeologXL is being updated with support for Log ASCII Standard files, borehole compositing, and joining of borehole data.

EvaluationXL is coming out soon with full Kriging support (a way of estimating values on areas where there are no samples from the values of samples nearby) and automatic variogram modeling.

RouteXL is coming out in a TOTALLY NEW software as a service offering with advanced route planning and logistic optimization supporting multi visits, multi-day routing, pickups, drop-offs, and service handling. RouteXL is your one-stop-shop for total route planning and optimization.

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