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The world of Social Media

The 21st century is the social media era of hilarious TikToks, Facebook advertising, controversial Tweets, Instagram selfies, and LinkedIn sponsored messaging systems. It seems as though Social Media is now an integral part of our lives with each platform and its users wanting to capture our attention. For some, it may be a time-waster of aimless scrolling or even just for entertainment, while for others it is a way to express viewpoints, broadcast opinions, or make real events more widely known, and for companies, it may be a way to expand through reaching more people with their products and services. Social Media is used by hundreds of thousands of people for various purposes and I am sure you can agree there are advantages and disadvantages.  

Here at PrimeThought Software Solutions, we utilize certain Social Media platforms to inform the public and our followers of our services, latest updates, and new products. The platforms create a place to train individuals in a particular product or specific feature through user help guides or videos on their preferred media channel. We are thankful for Social Media as it allows us to reach out and help our users train from a novice to a professional user in no time and in their own time. 

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