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Saving time and money using our Azure Web Service

The Chief Architect, Derek Diamond, and his team have created a new product on the web, called Azure Web Services. Derek discovered a need for a lightweight product that would be easy to use for companies to do a gap analysis for their brand, whether it is finding the most viable location for a restaurant or a new store or targeting companies, shopping centers, etc to approach for new business that would drive success for their brand based on things like the correct demographics or foot traffic.  

PrimeThought Software Solutions offers this new Azure Web services for certain features of our products, these allow you to draw Drive Analysis polygons, radii, or freehand polygons and get aggregated data on demographic, income breakdowns, day and night populations, etc. for that selected area without having to buy a whole dataset or datasets or even buying additional products like our RouteXL product. 

The requirements for the web services are a SpatialXL license or a Geosope file purchased through PrimeThought. One can then sign up for a monthly subscription or on a need-to-need basis to get accurate and valuable data for areas you wish to analyze for your business. Why pay a fortune if you are not going to be using the data daily and extensively? This now gives any company, big or small, the opportunity to increase their brand’s revenue through accurate data that is valuable to you and your brand. Now there is no reason why you can’t expand. The guesswork and complex methods are no longer a problem. Now there is a simple and affordable way to navigate viable areas. 

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