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Dashboards in SpatialXL

Dashboards is a feature in SpatialXL and all our spatial products that enables you to get view your spatial data visually using things like bar graphs or pie charts. They provide a wonderful graphical presentation of various data which allows you to better analyze it for decision making or for creating reports 

Dashboards are used in both the Business Intelligence (BI) and Mining sectors. In BI they can be used to show various numbers and statistics relating to your data such as the number of Indian people compared to the number of White people in a certain area, or the various income levels of different neighbourhoods or areas. In Mining, they can be used to show various statistics and data relating to the mining operation, for example, you could set up a dashboard that shows the levels of gold in certain areas of the mine. 

If you would like more information regarding how to get this feature in SpatialXL or want to view a demonstration on exactly how this feature works, contact us today. 


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