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PrimeThought Software Solutions work with large mining companies as well as mining consultancies to deliver simple yet powerful software and services across all technical disciplines, whether surveying, sampling, geological modeling, mine design & scheduling, spatial data storage, and manipulation or spatial mining reporting. Our solutions successfully handle the following areas: 

  • 3D Spatial Databases 
  • Surveying Solutions 
  • Sampling Solutions 
  • Geological Modelling 
  • Mine Design & Scheduling 
  • Spatial Reporting 

    We believe in developing collaborative engagements with our clients to suit their exact needs, whether it is in providing the software and training needed for the client to use the mining software or whether it is delivering high-end consulting. 

    Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also user-friendly for the professional user. Some other GIS and Spatial Mining solutions require months of training just to begin using them, not ours! Ours is based on a gradient of understanding and in a few weeks, you will become a pro in the use of them. As you progress and your skillset becomes more advanced you will be able to out-perform even the most advanced users of other software solutions. 

    For more information contact our friendly team today: 


    Call: +27 87 135 4351 



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