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Geocoding in LocateXL

LocateXL is a PrimeThought Software Solutions product that will convert addresses into Latitude and Longitude Coordinates and vice versa. LocateXL is an add-in to SpatialXL and is a geocoder that works within Microsoft Excel or as a standalone application if you need to process hundreds of thousands or even a million records at a time.  

LocateXL is used to geocode addresses, including postal codes even so that we can get back the actual physical coordinates of the address and therefore be able to place it on a map, like in SpatialXL, and visually see where that point is. It can be used the other way round too as a reverse geocoder to get the actual place names and addresses of a set of coordinates you might have listed in a spreadsheet. As an example, a company might have a list of the addresses of all their customers and would use LocateXL to get the coordinates of these addresses so they can place all these customers on the map in SpatialXL. One can then analyze these customers’ locations much better using a map and be able to plan accordingly. 

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