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When should you look at getting RouteXL?

RouteXL is used to create optimized routes for businesses. This software tool allows you to do functions like working out the best route and sequence for delivery points, sales territory mapping for the most time-efficient and cost-efficient Sales Rep routes as well as Drive Time and Distance calculations; this is the amount of time it takes or the distance covered from one point to another. It does this by the use of a road network that we get from our data partners. 

Here are just some tools of RouteXL: 

Point to Point is a tool used in RouteXL to create simple routes from one point to another that you choose by clicking. The routes are optimized by time or distance. 

We have another tool called Round Robin that will not only create these routes but also choose which sequence would be best to follow in visiting outlets, and it will route around back to the starting point.

Another useful routing tool is the Drive Polygons tool which will create an area around a point or store of a certain time or distance, this distance or time is based on the actual roads and how long it would take to drive on them or how far. For example, if it is only viable for a store to draw its customers from an area within in 5 minutes from it then you could use this tool to create this area and visually see where that is.

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