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What is SpatialXL and who uses it?

SpatialXL is used in both Spatial Business Intelligence and the Mining arena. In the SpatialBI arena, it allows you to plot Excel data, such as a list of stores, on a map and thereby be able to see visually where these stores are located. You can then analyze this data along with other datasets, such as demographics, income breakdown, day-night population, shopping centers, and other sets of data whether you own these in-house or request that we assist you with sourcing additional datasets. This type of analysis allows you to make decisions such as where the best place to open a new store to generate more revenue as a brand. 

In the mining arena, SpatialXL can also be used to place a spreadsheet of data about mining points and areas on a map so this can be worked within a visual, fully 3D environment. Furthermore, it provides you with tools to build surfaces and various other objects. For example, one might model their whole mining area in it and place their pegs on the map. One can then see where everything lies in the mine and can make important decisions regarding your operation. 


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