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Geoscope Smart Readers – Customized Application Map Files

Geoscope is the result of a PrimeThought Software Solutions publish function in SpatialXL that allows customized application map files to be published. These Geoscope files function as customized map applications and dynamic contextual spatial presentations of your spatial data. It is packaged in a single executable or spatial file allowing secure, contextual visualization of the published data.  

For example, you may set up some data in SpatialXL that you want to present and now you would like to send this through to someone else to view, you can then publish this data you have set up in SpatialXL in a Geosope file and also set restrictions on the file such as a password or machine lock (meaning only a specified pc can open it), furthermore, all the data that you publish in this Geoscope file is read-only so nothing can be changed.  We have a Smart Publish function that allows you to also publish Geoscope Smart Readers that allow you to edit one or more layers in the Geoscope file, thereby populating these layers with data from our Azure services, available on subscription. This allows you to present your data with full context and gives you the ability to control the re-use of sensitive or valuable data on a per user or machine basis. 


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