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Our latest Azure Web Service

PrimeThought Software Solutions Microsoft Azure Web Service is now offered for certain features of our products. These include an Aggregate service and a Drive Analysis service. All you need is SpatialXL or our Smart Reader File to be able to access this service. You simply login on to the web and you are all set.

The Aggregate service allows you to draw a polygon/s over an actual geographical area and automatically get precisely aggregated data such as Demographics, Advanced Population, etc. for that polygon. The data is represented in numbers and can then be projected onto Dashboards, representing meaningful information in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, etc.

The Drive Analysis service allows you to click on an actual geographical area to draw drive distance and drive time polygons without having RouteXL, our routing software installed on your machine. You would just need to specify what sort of polygon is needed in terms of time in minutes or distance in meters. The actual drive time or drive distance is then drawn according to the road network and at the same time precisely aggregating the appropriate Demographics, Advanced Population, etc. data to that polygon. This data can then be used and represented accordingly to meet your needs and reach meaningful conclusions

A massive advantage to using our Web Service is that you can get all this very meaningful data very rapidly without working locally with huge amounts of data, lengthily setting everything up to be able to get any meaningful data out. It is a very lightweight and effective operation.



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