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Community Upliftment with The Way to Happiness

With the recent riots and unrest in both Kwa-Zulu-Natal and parts of Johannesburg, CEO, Derek Diamond decided to get into action in the affected areas. Funds were donated to The Way to Happiness Foundation who organized clean ups and booklet distributions to those communities and business in need of assistance.
Our company has supported a non-profit organization called The Way to Happiness
Foundation for several years. The organization provides
education and awareness through a common sense guide booklet. Several
educational programs are
carried out annually in schools, rural settlements and youth groups on the basic precepts in the book, which bring about an awareness on keeping the environment clean, not
participating in crime and drugs, looking after and
respecting one’s parents etc. Clean ups of neighborhoods, rivers and public areas, are also performed as part of the program to bring about
further responsibility amongst community members for their environ.


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