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External database levels in Microstation!

MineModeller Version 4.0 allows Microstation Levels to store data from an external spatial database.

The data in the levels can be synchronised with the database after either database changes have been made or elements have been added, updated or deleted in Microstation.

When the level is synchronised, its data with all attributes is stored inside the Microstation design file, allowing it to be inspected and browsed offline from the database.


The grid can be sorted, filtered and grouped and then selected rows can be selected in graphics.

Also selected elements in Microstation can be filtered in any open data grids for easy location of data spatially.

Each level can be individually configured to link to its own database and table.


A query and link column is specified per level to link the tabular data with the Microstation elements.


It is possible to link to Oracle native spatial columns, Oracle OGC Well Known Binary columns (WKB), as well as SQL Server native and WKB columns. Finally you can link to our famous full 3D spatial extension to SQL Server SpatialBase.


This is an excellent solution for doing Geological modelling in Microstation. You can filter your geological data with complex attribute filters, and then spatially operate to build surfaces or model structures as needed. All the data can be stored in a central spatial database and thus securely shared within your organisation.

Also it is then possible to work offline and when ready then publish your results to the central database.