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LocateXL – High speed bulk geocoder for Microsoft Excel

LocateXL is an open extensible Geocoder that works within Microsoft Excel or as a standalone application if you need to process more than a million records at a time.

LocateXL uses a revolutionary full text and structured approach to process all kinds of datasets. Datasets may be totally unstructured or have some or all address fields specified. LocateXL is able to work with fields holding possible two address fields in one column extending the precision of the geocoding and the range of datasets it can successfully process.

With LocateXL you are even able to build your own geocoding reference data for your country and region, from SQL databases, Shape Files or other sources.

We supply datasets for South Africa right out of the box.

Using the familiar Microsoft Excel environment you are able to filter out bad records, geocode subsets and change settings to match filtered subsets to easily geocode almost any dataset. During the geocoding process the correct canonical address is given back.

Reverse geocoding is also possible one on one or in batch at very high speed.


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